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February 01 2018

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orcs are so fucking beautiful 

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Make sure you keep your chickens warm!


Important things from the pokemon go superbowl ad

He sit on his tooshie 



i don’t really think the relationship between generation z and millennials is comparable to the relationship between baby boomers and millennials

mostly because largely speaking. baby boomers are the parents of millennials but millennials aren’t the parents of generation z

your older sibling telling you you’re an idiot for eating laundry detergent just isn’t the same thing as your parents berating you for not having a job in a shitty economy

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The lyingest liar that ever lied.

and perhaps the most stupid as these lies are so easily verifiably false


look at this 80s glam naruto extra

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Also they used a picture that makes him look somewhat positive. It’s ridiculous how far media will go to protect white male privilege.




sure, when my grandfather fought nazis and fascism he was “a hero” and “on the right side of history” but when i do it im “way too sensitive” and “no better than they are”

That’s because when our white grandparents fought Nazis, it was for fear of them taking power away from other white people.

White Europeans and Americans were explicitly fine with genocide and the ideologies that led to it – a great many people, including Churchill, vocally supported most of what the Nazis were doing. Their only fight with Nazis was to maintain sovereignty from takeover.

Today’s Nazi-fighters usually have a problem with white supremacy and the antisemitism and racism etc behind it – which most of our white grandparents didn’t see a problem with and neither do many white people today.

This is why so many people don’t see any reason to stop the Nazis now, or why many others think it’s purely a struggle for Democrats or other neoliberal parties in other countries who might lose political power if they gain traction. Many people don’t see Nazis as a real problem unless they threaten the political power of other white people.

White supremacist organizations and movements have been a life-threatening scourge for people of colour and Jewish people this entire time. It’s really important that we focus on that as the real threat, or we risk having the same myopic perspective as generations past.

This was a great addition to my original post so I’m reblogging it.



once i have enough money to buy an offshore oil rig it’ll be over for you hoes

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the real struggle in 2004




so ur telling me that former death eaters can become ministry workers head masters and teachers who are constantly around children but a werewolf cant keep a job??? lol okay 

actual nazis in politics but people have a problem with gay people teaching their children

when fiction isn’t so fictional

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I didn’t even let him speak before I shot that fatbot at his head, it was on sight

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I had to research Corn Flakes for my American Icons class and I came across what may be the funniest fucking image I have ever seen.

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