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June 05 2017

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when the church tries to appeal to the younger audience

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be still my beating meat

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H-h-honk honk hooonk!


Yeah okay so all the headcannons about muggleborns and wifi is cool and all but what about muggleborns of the past? Imagine muggleborns of olden times huddled in a secret spot where they can get radio signals. Or muggleborns in like the 70’s adjusting the antennas on top of the tiny tv they have and the other kids being like “wtf are those tiny wands doing on top of that thing”


animal crossing’s critical flaw is that the longer you go without playing it the more terrifying it is to start playing again



My Strange Addiction: “I Can Only Speak In Quotes From Youtube Poops”

my mother, in tears: please, answer us!

me: boggle



Unpopular opinion that shouldn’t be unpopular: anti-bullying programs in school that don’t address the root causes of bullying - which are almost invariably larger forms of bigotry and oppression like racism, ableism and homophobia - are completely useless and ultimately futile.

kids get bullied, frequently, because they’re “weird”. but it just so happens that the traits society calls “weird” are overwhelmingly related to poverty, minority religion or ethnicity, neurodivergence, non-straight sexuality, and gender non conformance. 

funny, that.

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gay culture is *just starts crying*


let me explain what dissociation is:

dissociation is a conditioned response to chronic trauma, meaning, your brain learns to separate or split from your body because the trauma you are experiencing to too much for the mind to process. it is most common in people with ptsd, chronic trauma, or complex ptsd. when you are experiencing trauma over and over your body learns to separate from your mind and it becomes a reaction to everyday stress or trauma occurs again.

the reason people with borderline develop dissociative symptoms is because they experience emotions at such high frequencies that things can feel traumatic and overwhelming even if they are not necessarily stereotypical trauma like sexual abuse or physical abuse.

the same goes for people with schizophrenia and bipolar 1 and 2

dissociation is a spectrum with things such as depersonalization and derealization which can occur in a lot of other disorders.

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this isn’t even a what if question cnn. i thought we all knew this

this is the dumbest headline ever like he hasn’t had a single clue throughout his 70 years of consumption of course he doesn’t know what he’s doing


you: braid my hair and call me pretty 


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While filming Return of the Jedi in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, actor Peter Mayhew, who is 7’ 2", was given strict instructions to never wander off in his Chewbacca costume so that he wouldn’t get shot by somebody mistaking him for Bigfoot. Source Source 2 Source 3

June 04 2017

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This will forever remain my favorite GTAV post


That video game moment when you think you died but you survive and the moment you register that you’re still alive you fuck up and die

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When you make a reference and someone actually gets it


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