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May 23 2018



Trauma often messes with one’s ability to say “no”. 

You either consciously or subconsciously think, “I don’t want to hurt this person’s feelings” or “If I say no, then they’ll hurt me” or “It won’t really be that bad” or “I can handle this” or “I need to do this to prove myself” or “I deserve this”, or you forget that “no” is even an option.

It’s still not your fault if you didn’t say “no”, even if you think maybe you could have. It’s still not your fault. You didn’t deserve what happened to you and you didn’t bring it upon yourself. It was never your fault.

I just cried when I read this. Thank you.



i have kin memories of drinking hot cocoa and getting fucked while watching polar express 

update: turns out when you have kin memories of your own life they’re just called memories. sorry for the confusion!

it’s a national holiday  today



When I was 15/16 I was in an accident that left me with chronic pain and internal damage that meant pregnancy was highly unlikely for me. I’ve never wanted children. The reality of me probably being unable to have children never bothered me. It’s bothered everyone else though. People have cried more over my inability to have children than I have. No matter what I say no one will believe that I’m happy in my body regardless of its ability to produce children. They mourn my body like it belongs to them. As though my ability to have children has any affect on their life.

A few months ago I missed two periods in a row and took a pregnancy test that turned out to be a false positive. I went to Planned Parenthood to get a professional opinion and with the full intention of getting an abortion if it turned out that I was pregnant against all odds. There was no fear beyond the usual nervousness you experience at the prospect of a medical procedure. There was no emotional turmoil over my decision. I know what I want and it isn’t kids. The choice was an easy one for me.

When I finally opened up about my pregnancy scare to a few friends, all of them “good” feminist women, they were almost offended over how easy the decision was for me. “If you had been pregnant that may have been your only shot at a biological child. How could you just give that up without more thought?” One asked me. “So many women in your position would kill to be able to get pregnant and you were going to just throw it away?” Another one said to me.

I am not an incubator for other women’s hopes and dreams. If I ever do get pregnant I will not stay that way just because other people in my position would be grateful to have a chance at experiencing pregnancy/birth. I’m not interested in that. I never will be. I don’t want children.

If your idea of “my body my choice” only extends to certain people it’s bullshit. If you think certain women should be grateful for unwanted pregnancies just because any pregnancy for them was unlikely you’re disrespecting their choice. Stop treating women with fertility/reproductive health issues like we’re broken or should feel sad over our health when we tell you we don’t. Stop thinking we owe you “miracle babies” even when we don’t want children.

I am not an incubator for other women’s hopes and dreams 

I am not an incubator for other women’s hopes and dreams 

I am not an incubator for other women’s hopes and dreams




TIL lobsters do not die due to aging. They become stronger and more fertile with age due to the presence of enzyme telomerase which tepairs DNA sequence.

via reddit.com

you’re telling me, if left unharmed, lobsters survive the ravages of time and gain progressively more fuck power as it goes on

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every man who has a problem with feminism and just women in general is into that painful bdsm extreme type porn and hmmmmmmmmm… i wonder… if there is a link there somewhere…… almost…….. hmmm…..

May 22 2018



idk i’m just sick of ppl acting like showing graphic scenes of rape and suicide in tv shows is the best way of bringing awareness bc of how ‘realistic’ those scenes are

like there are loads of films and tv shows that don’t show rape but are still able to show how something like that can affect the victims life idk why ppl act like it’s impossible



there’s a difference between “just do a little yoga it will cure your depression forever :)” and “going for a run won’t solve your problems but it will make you feel a little better and that’s the first step” but this site seems to treat them as the same thing

Taking care of yourself is still good even if it won’t cure you. Cleaning my room won’t cure my anxiety or make me less lonely but it is a healthier environment to live in.





tom holland is gay because he doesn’t activate my lesbian fight or flight instinct

maybe cuz you want to fuck him

I mean definitely not but i am impressed by your complete lack of reading comprehension

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Excacly this! 

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louder for the people at the back

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Calling Kyle to the Principal’s Office wasn’t the best idea. The hunky student had already shrunken the coach down to bug size and made him kneel down and worship his boots, when both the principal and the vice principal entered the hall. Kyle just smirked and shrank them, too.

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Real talk.




anyone else fucking LOVE BEING IN BED???

bitch im in bed right now!! how did you know!!

reblog if ur in bed

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Why is this even a problem? If you need more citizens, take in more immigrants or refugees. It’s not like America has a shortage of either wanting to come in. If you can’t make your own citizens, imported is fine.

How Millenials are killing the baby industry

“If you can’t make your own citizens, imported is fine.”

we import everything else already

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